How To Choose the Right Body Contouring Treatment for You


Did you know that in 2005, more than 68,000 people had some kind of body contouring treatment? This goes to show how popular this cosmetic option is for those looking to improve their appearance.

Body contouring is a very popular option for people who have had weight loss surgery. This is because body contouring can further help to enhance the appearance of weight loss.

It is also used by many other people who are looking to reduce fat in certain areas of their bodies. This is a great option for pockets of stubborn fat that diet and exercise haven’t resolved.

Who Qualifies for a Body Contouring Treatment?

Body contouring treatments are cosmetic treatments used to remove areas of localized fat. This involves under the arms, the belly, and thigh fat.

A body contour treatment is safer than many other surgical options that you might have considered. Especially for areas of stubborn fat that could easily be treated.

A body contouring treatment can get to those pockets of fat that nothing else has resolved. This is very common in women as certain areas of the body struggle to slim down.

You could be dieting and exercising and still not see much improvement. This often comes down to pesky fat deposits that are sitting on top of your muscle.

Unfortunately, exercise is not always a science, and you can dictate where you lose fat. Because of this, you may be slimming down just not in the areas where you want to slim down.

This is where body contouring treatments come in to save the day. These treatments do treat individual locations of fat, helping to quickly resolve the issue.

This allows you to come in and get a treatment option for a specific area of fat that is bothering you. This is something that many people would find helpful if they aren’t seeing the results that they want.

What Body Contouring Treatment Options Are There?

If you want to have a contouring body treatment done, you have a few options. There are three different types of body contouring to choose from, depending on your desired fat reduction.

Keep reading to find out what body contouring options you have and who qualify to get them.


CoolSculpting is one of the least invasive procedures that works by freezing the fat cells. It is used primarily for the buttocks, thighs, lower back, and abdomen, though it can be used in other areas as well.

These cool temperatures destroy the fat cells without any incisions, stitches, or recovery time. It is very straightforward and makes the process of eliminating excess fat very simple.

Though CoolSculpting is best for people with very minimal deposits of extra fat. It is not an ideal option for a significant amount of fat or large fatty areas of the body.

If you struggle with minimal fat in specific areas, such as the lower arms and abdomen, CoolSculpting could be a great option for you.


Emsculpt is another great option for body contouring treatment. This treatment uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to help trigger supramaximal contractions.

You cannot get this kind of contraction through exercise or ay other form of physical activity. Emsculpt is used mostly to tighten and tone the abdomen area and the buttocks.

People often use this treatment to strengthen their abdominal muscles and improve the tone. This helps to create a firmer appearance that looks thinner and more muscular.

It is very gentle and will not need any recovery time afterward, making it a very popular option. It provides fast results without leaving behind any scars or stitches.

This is a great option for anyone looking to have a tighter abdomen or areas of their body that are more toned. It can help you to achieve that and get your body looking the way that you want it to.


Liposuction is a surgery performed to remove large areas of fat. This is most commonly done on the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Lipo permanently removes pockets of stubborn body fat. A small incision is created for the machine to access the pockets of fat.

It is a very common surgery but does have some drawbacks due to it’s invasive nature. Liposuction is surgery, and it takes several week of time to heal.

Liposuction in combination with diet and exercise is a proven way to maintain a slim figure. This is the perfect option for stubborn areas of fat to help you achieve the look you are working so hard for.

How to Choose the Best Body Contouring Treatment

If you want to get a body contouring treatment, you want to pick the right option. As you can see, these options cater to different people depending on what you want.

Liposuction is the most common because it allows for the most fat removed but has the higher risks and longer downtime.

Whereas, Emsculpt and CoolSculpting is ideal for those under a BMI of 30. Once you get there, you can use either one of these treatments to remove the remaining fatty deposits.

If you aren’t sure what option is the best for you, you could always talk to your doctor or contact our office and speak with a body contouring specialist. They will be able to tell you what treatment you are most likely to qualify for.

How to Choose the Right Body Contouring Treatment

If you are thinking of having a body contouring treatment done, you have several options to choose from. These are all very popular and come with their own benefits to consider.

You will want to consider the options carefully and even discuss them with a specialist. This will help you to make the right decision for your body and choose the most effective treatment.

Do you want to have a body contouring treatment done to reduce fat? Contact us today at Figura to talk to one of our professionals about the body contouring options that apply to you and your goals.

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