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Smooth your skin and get rid of cellulite!

Figura Medspa offers Emtone: A device that combines monopolar radio frequency and targeted pressure energy to treat loose skin and remove cellulite.


Why Choose Figura?


Body Sculpting Exclusive

We are a body-sculpting exclusive medical spa, allowing us to specialize in one thing and do that one thing really well!


The Figura Results Promise

If you don't see results, we will continue to treat you at no additional cost! That’s our promise.


Master Certified

Our specialists have years of experience and are master certified in body contouring treatments.

What is Emtone?

A Real Solution for Treating Cellulite

Emtone is a series of quick, non-invasive treatments intended to tighten skin and treats multiple causes of cellulite by simultaneously delivering two different types of energy to your tissue.











*Results and Patient Experience May Vary.
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The Procedure

How Does it Work?

Quick, easy, and painless.
When you arrive, you will lay down and our specialist will apply a moisturizing lotion directly on the skin.
The treatment is well tolerated and feels like a hot stone massage.
Our specialist will continually apply circular movements of the hand piece and internal safety mechanisms ensures that no area of skin becomes hot or uncomfortable.
After about 30 minutes on the treated area, you will be complete with your session and can return to your regular day.

Combine with other services for the best results!

We are seeing quicker and better results after a CoolSculpting and Emsculpt session when paired with Emtone. The trifecta of body contouring!

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Patients on average have experienced a 93% visible reduction in cellulite!
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Non-invasive and No Anesthesia
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Works on all skin and body types.


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The Results

Your "before" won't even believe your "after!"



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emtone?

EMTONE combines monopolar RF and Targeted Pressure Energy. This marriage of previously independent technologies introduces a unique non-invasive solution combining two proven approaches to the treatment of cellulite. Due to the simultaneous effects, the therapy time is reduced and the results are significantly improved.

What does it feel like?

Emtone is a well-tolerated procedure that requires no anesthesia. The treatment is well tolerated and feels like a hot stone massage. During treatment, the handpiece glides over the skin with the help of a conductive and moisturizing lotion. The combination of the targeted pressure with the RF allows for a very comfortable treatment experience. This is in part due to the targeted pressure acting as a distractor from the heat energy of the radiofrequency.

How long is a treatment?

Treatment to a single area takes approximately 12-15 minutes.

Any side effects?

Adverse effects are uncommon and mild in nature. Mild redness or a hive-like reaction is possible but rare immediately following treatment. Patients with an implantable metal device area contraindicated from treatment

How long does it take for results for cellulite?

For cellulite, results can be appreciated even immediately post treatment; however, the most visible results appear 6 weeks to 3 months following your last treatment. 1-2 maintenance treatments can be done at about 6 months after your original series.

How long does it take for results for skin laxity?

When using Emtone to treat skin laxity, collagen synthesis takes at least 3 months to complete its cycle so best results are appreciated anywhere from 3-6 months following your last treatment. 1-2 maintenance treatments can be performed about 8-10 months after your original series.

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