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Emsculpt is the perfect complement to diet and exercise.

Figura Medspa offers Emsculpt: A focused, high-intensity electromagnetic energy device that builds muscle mass and burns fat by stimulating 20,000 muscle contractions in 30 minutes!


Why Choose Figura?


Body sculpting exclusive

We are body sculpting only medical spa, letting us focus on one thing and do that one thing really well!


The Figura Results Promise

If you don't see results, we will continue to treat you at no additional cost! That is our promise.


Master Certified

Our specialists have years of experience and are master certified in body contorting treatments.

What is Emsculpt?

Build muscle mass in 30 minutes.

Emsculpt is a series of non-invasive treatments intended to tone, strengthen, lift, and develop firmer muscles to the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves and arms.



Abs are one of the hardest areas to build muscle and remove fat to produce a flat stomach. Emsculpt assists greatly with building that six pack. It’s the equivalent of 20,000 crunches in a single session. 



Butt lifts can now be accomplished without  invasive surgery and long recovery times. You will be amazed with the results after a couple sessions!



Tone up your arms easily with our specially designed applicators that contour to the bicep and tricep. 



Ready to build muscle and reduce thigh fat? Get the equivalent of 20,000 squats in 30 minutes. 


We always hear building calf muscles are mostly genetics. That is no longer the case. Calf muscles can now be easily!

*Results and Patient Experience May Vary.
Three Easy Steps

The Figura Process

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Step 1

Set a goal

Come in for a free consultation to discuss your body goals with our specialist and see if you are a good candidate for our services. 

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Step 2

Select a treatment plan

Our Specialist will lay out multiple plans unique to you. We take into consideration your goals, focused areas, time, and budget.

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Step 3

Become a slimmer you

We will go through each target area using one or multiple applicators and machines if necessary. While being treated, you can sit back and relax. 

The Procedure

How Does Emsculpt Work?

Emsulpt is quick, easy, and painless.
When you arrive, you will lay down and our specialist will strap the placement band and applicator(s) on the target area, directly on the skin.
As the treatment begins, you will feel a electrical contraction and pulse in the muscles.
We will start you at the lowest settings and gradually increase the intensity to a comfortable level.
The machines algorithm will cycle through different pulsing patterns to stimulate the muscle.
After about 30 minutes, you will be complete with your session and can return to your regular day.
Patients on average have experienced a 19% decrease in fat and a 16% increase in muscle mass!
The Only Non Invasive Butt Lift Treatment
Bring Those Ab Muscles Out and Built that Six Pack

Drew Barrymore on Emsculpt

The Results

Your "before" won't even believe your "after!"





Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMSculpt?

EMSculpt is the only non-invasive treatment used not only to reduce fat, but also to build muscle. Our technology uses High Intensity Focus Electromagnetic energy to contract the muscles to create a contoured look.

What are the benefits of EMSculpt?

  • Burns excess fat in the abdomen, arms and glutes
  • Build and tone muscle in abdomen, arms and glutes
  • World’s first non-invasive ‘butt lift’
  • Safe, non-invasive body contouring

How long is an EMSculpt session?

One standard EMSculpt treatment typically lasts 30 minutes.

How safe is EMSculpt?

Our non-invasive EMSculpt is the first FDA-cleared energy device approved to burn fat and build muscle mass. It is a pain free, non-surgical treatment which allows you to resume regular activities within minutes following your treatment.

Does EMSculpt have any side effects?

Patients will experience a sensation that feels much like an intensive workout, without the recovery time.

How long does it take for results to manifest?

Most patients have reported seeing substantial results between two to four weeks following their final treatment.

How long do the results last?

Muscle mass gained by EMSculpt is no different than muscle gained by working out. Results will sustain as long as a patient continue a healthy diet and exercise regimen. It is recommended that patients receive periodic EMSculpt sessions bi-monthly. 

How often should I have EMSculpt treatments?

For best results, we recommend 2 sessions per week for 2 weeks, followed by bi-monthly maintenance.

Sculpt the body you want!

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