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Health & Diet

What Is CoolSculpting? Your Questions, Answered

No matter how much time you spend at the gym working out those glutes, or how much you restrict yourself with a keto or a paleo diet, sometimes there are fatty areas on your body that refuse to budge an inch.  But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. If you are doing everything else right

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7 Impressive Benefits of CoolSculpting in Austin, TX

Nearly 40% of adults in America are clinically obese according to the Centers for disease control. This puts these individuals at a higher risk for heart disease, stroke, and type two diabetes.  Relying on diet and exercise alone can be difficult or even impractical to achieve a sleek physique. Thank goodness there is now CoolSculpting to help

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Health & Diet

9 Essential Reasons to Lose Weight Today

Weight loss isn’t just about so you can fit into your old pairs of jeans. There are many different reasons why losing weight is good for you. In America, over 40% of adults are now considered obese and at risk of various weight-related medical conditions. If you are in Austin and asking yourself the question, ‘Should I

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Lighten Up – How Laughter Changes Your Day

It’s been said laughter is the best medicine. Who doesn’t love to laugh at a funny TV show, movie, or something funny their kids or pets are doing? If you’re having a bad day, laughter can change it completely. Helps You Lighten Up No one likes to be around a grumpy person. If you’re a

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Health & Diet

Basics of Healthy Living

Everyone wants to be healthy, yet the obesity rate is alarming. Why is it so hard to live a healthy lifestyle? For one thing, today’s society is very fast-paced, leaving many people to think that they don’t have time to be healthy. Others say that it is simply too hard. However, it doesn’t have to

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