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Lip & Facial Volume Loss Treatments

Reclaim Your Youthful Volume: Lip & Facial Volume Loss Solutions at Figura. Have you noticed your once-plump lips thinning and your cheeks losing their fullness? You're not alone. Lip and facial volume loss is a common concern that affects many people as they age. But don't let it steal your confidence! At Figura, We offer solutions to restore your youthful volume and leave you feeling radiant.

Lip & Facial Volume Loss
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What Causes Lip & Facial Volume Loss?

The natural aging process is the main culprit behind volume loss. As we get older, our bodies produce less collagen and elastin, the proteins that give our skin its structure and support. Additionally, we lose subcutaneous fat, leading to a deflated appearance. Other factors such as sun exposure, genetics, and lifestyle choices like smoking can also contribute to volume loss.


Frequently Asked Questions

During a consultation, our experienced medical professionals will assess your individual needs and determine the best treatment options for you.
Most of our treatments are minimally invasive and involve little to no downtime. We also offer topical numbing creams to ensure your comfort.
The duration of results varies depending on the treatment you choose and your individual factors. However, most treatments can last for several months to a year or more.
The cost of treatment will vary depending on the specific procedure you choose and the amount of product used. We offer flexible payment options to make your treatment as affordable as possible.

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