The History of CoolSculpting


Are you looking for an effective, non-invasive way to eliminate extra body fat? If so, you may have heard of CoolSculpting

A revolutionary procedure that can help transform your appearance without requiring any surgery, this is one of the most popular and fastest-growing types of body contouring around.

Today, we’re sharing a little more about the history of CoolSculpting, as well as how you can book your treatment today!

The Beginnings of CoolSculpting

How did CoolSculpting begin? It helps to know the background of this treatment before you go in for your first consultation. 

Back in 2005, a man named Mitch Levinson started a company called Juniper Medical Systems. At first, this company was designed as a smaller subset of a larger wireless technology holding enterprise. Juniper Medical Systems was designated as the wellness and self-care division but its recognition would soon emerge as the organization’s most prominent (and promising) solution. 

Inventing the Procedure

Before long, Juniper Medical Systems broke away from the wireless tech space and changed its name to ZELTIQ. It became solely focused on the healthcare and medspa space.

In 2008, two individuals invented the first CoolSculpting prototype. They were Dr. Dieter Manstein (Massachusetts General Hospital) and Dr. Rox Anderson (Harvard Medical School). That first model was based on the concept of cryolipolysis.

When it first emerged, cryolipolysis was focused on proving one interesting fact. Researchers had discovered that when children ate popsicles, they developed dimples on their cheeks. Though this sounds like a common phenomenon, they gave it a very technical name: popsicle panniculitis.

Dr. Manstein and Dr. Anderson saw a potential link. Perhaps, they speculated, fat loss was occurring because those cells simply got cold! As they tested their theory, they discovered that cold kills fat cells most effectively — better than any other type of tissue. 

Clinical Trials

In 2008, the first CoolSculpting prototype underwent clinical trials. They were successful and ZELTIQ won an exclusive license to officially commercialize the technology. The procedure used controlled cooling to target, crystallize, and eliminate fat cells. 

The solution was off to a great start, but before CoolSculpting treatments could be offered at medical spas around the country, there was one additional step still required: FDA clearance. 

FDA Approval

Thankfully, the FDA cleared CoolSculpting for the treatment of fat on body flanks (sides) in 2010. Two years later, it cleared it for use on the stomach.

Over the years, ZELTIQ fine-tuned the technology and introduced additional applicators. In 2015, the FDA approved a new model for CoolSculpting the thigh area. Now, it’s recognized as the #1 nonsurgical fat reduction treatment on the market, CoolScuplpting 

To date, CoolSculpting has been FDA-cleared to treat fat in nine different areas around the body, including: 

  • Chin
  • Arms
  • Flanks
  • Abdomen
  • Bra line
  • Back
  • Thighs

Is CoolSculpting Right For You?

If you’re looking for a gentle and non-surgical way to contour your body and achieve the appearance you want, then we suggest learning more about CoolSculpting! Our specialists are here to answer questions and explain about how the procedure works. 

To learn more, schedule a free consultation today!

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