What Is Emsculpt? Everything You Need to Know


79% of Americans report feeling unhappy at times with their bodies. 

Maybe you are one of those people and have been searching for self-love. The good news is that this may be easier to achieve than you think.

Emsculpt is a non-invasive procedure that can help you reach your desired appearance. Not sure what this involves?

Read on to find out what is Emsculpt!

What Is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt Body Sculpting is a non-invasive treatment that helps tone and firm up your body.

The treatment uses high-focused electromagnetic energy contractions to get results. A treatment stimulates 20,000 muscle contractions within a 30-minute session. 

These contractions aren’t something you can do voluntarily. You need an Emsculpt machine to apply the right amount of power to stimulate the contractions. 

These contractions not only build muscle but also tone your body and result in an increase in fat loss. Maybe you have a great diet and active lifestyle, but there are some areas of your body that just won’t budge.

If that’s the case, Emsculpt might be what you need. It is important to know, however, that Emsculpt does not replace a healthy diet and exercising. It simply adds to your healthy lifestyle. 

Benefits of Emsculpt

There are many Emsculpt benefits that you may be unaware of. Depending on the desired results you want, you can consult with your professional on how your treatment should go. 

Muscle Building

Emscult can actually grow new muscle fibers from the contractions. The electromagnetic energy that is applied will contract the muscles and makes them stronger. One 30-minute session can be equal to 20,000 crunches or squats.

Emsculpt gives you an intense workout that has durable results. 


This muscle-building doesn’t just give you the illusion of having more muscle. You will actually have developed more strength by the end of a session. This can make it easier for you to do intense workouts and last longer in physical activities. 


Because you are losing weight and building muscle, your body will come out firmer and more toned. 

Toning can be done for various parts of the body, including your butt. Emsculpt is one of the only ways that you can get a non-invasive butt-lift that actually works!


Emsculpt is non-surgical and completely non-invasive. This means it will be relatively painless and there will be no downtime afterward.

Many body sculpting procedures are invasive and may even leave scarring. These are viable options for some people that are looking for a drastic and immediate change. If you want a less drastic approach though, then Emsculpt might be the solution. 

What Will It Feel Like?

Emsculpt may feel like an intense workout, but you can lay down during the treatment so you are comfortable. 

You may feel a pulling sensation during the treatment. If the intensity is too high, your aesthetician can lower the settings.

You should never feel uncomfortable during an Emsculpt session. We strive to make sure all our clients feel comfortable and at ease. 

What Areas Can Be Done?

You can use Emsculpt on your arms, calves, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. Depending on your desired results, you may choose to focus on certain areas and not others.

This is something you can discuss with your aesthetician in your first consultation. Before your session, you will have a free consultation to discuss your needs and desires. Your trained and certified professional will walk you through how the procedure will work.

Where Should I Go?

When looking for an Emsculpt provider, be sure to look into the provider’s credentials and experience. You will want to look at legitimate reviews from clients and also view the before and after photos of treatments.

This will ensure you are going to a reliable provider. At Figura, we have a team of aestheticians that are master-certified in body contouring treatments. They are highly trained with years of experience. 

Furthermore, we have numerous positive reviews and before and after pictures. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied with your session or don’t see any change, we will treat you again at no cost! We stand behind our clients and ensure they get the results they are looking for. 

Is Emsculpt Right For Me?

So, how do you know if Emsculpt is right for you?

Only you know yourself and what’s right for you. There’s no risk in doing Emsculpt though since it is a non-invasive procedure.

You should make sure that you already have a well-balanced and healthy diet before investing in Emsculpt. Plus, you will want to make sure you exercise regularly.

This will help make the results last even longer and ensure that you are healthy as well. If you have a poor diet and a less-than-active lifestyle, it may be easier for you to gain weight again. 

Whether a procedure is invasive or not, you will always want to consult with your doctor before moving forward. This will ensure that there are no medical issues that may affect the session. 

How Do I Start Emsculpt?

Are you ready to invest in yourself more? You know what is Emsculpt, so what’s stopping you? You can change your life with a non-invasive treatment that has long-lasting results.

At Figura, we make it our mission to help you reach your goals. Start the journey to self-love by choosing Emsculpt.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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