How to Lose Excess Belly Fat With Body Contouring

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Did you know that almost half of Americans are trying to lose weight?

Everyone knows that diet and exercise are key to slimming your waistline, but sometimes you need an extra push. Too much abdominal fat can cause health problems so it’s important to know how to lose excess belly fat, so you can start feeling your best.

When dieting and exercising alone aren’t cutting it, you’ll need to consider body contouring. This treatment will help you shed stomach fat and get you closer to your dream figure. 

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started. 

What Causes Belly Fat?

You wake up one day, put on your favorite pair of pants, and realize that you can’t button them closed. A few months ago this wasn’t a problem, what’s the problem now? Belly fat can easily sneak up on you and there are a variety of factors that contribute to it. 

The biggest culprit is a poor diet. If you’re mainly consuming sugary foods like cakes and sodas, it’s going to start adding on the pounds. When you combine that with a sedentary lifestyle, it’s only natural that you’d start seeing inches added to your waistline.

Too much belly fat can be dangerous because it surrounds your internal organs and increases the risk of you developing a variety of health problems. 

What Is Body Contouring?

You may have heard of body contouring before, maybe from a friend or news article. It’s a growing market that gets people very excited.

Essentially, body contouring is a medical procedure that aims to reshape an area of the body. It can help eliminate excess fat, get rid of extra skin, and reshape or contour the area. Some treatments are surgical but there are plenty of non-surgical options.

It’s important to note that body contouring doesn’t help you lose weight. Instead, it helps address the specific areas where diet and exercise aren’t effective. Body contouring is also effective in reducing extra skin after significant weight loss.

What Types of Body Contouring Are There?

Everybody is different so it’s no wonder that there are different types of body contouring available. 

Nonsurgical body contouring is called lipolysis and there are a variety of methods in this category. One of the most popular options includes cryolipolysis which uses very cold temperatures to destroy fat cells. 

For example, you may have heard of CoolSculpting before. This is one of the top types of cyrolipolysis treatments. 

There’s also injection lipolysis which involves injecting you with deoxycholic acid to target fat cells. Laser lipolysis, like Zerona, uses lasers to destroy fat cells. Radiofrequency lipolysis uses heat and ultrasound waves to target fat cells. 

What Is the Procedure Like?

Any type of medical treatment, whether surgical or not, can feel overwhelming. Knowing what to expect before, during, and after your procedure can help you feel confident about your decision before making an appointment. 

Before your procedure, you’ll meet with a specialist. This is when you get to ask all of your burning questions, discuss your goals, disclose any health conditions, and get the best idea of what to expect. The professional might examine the area, take pictures and make recommendations.

Most lipolysis procedures take place in a clinic or office. One session takes about 30 to 60 minutes. 

You’ll likely sit on a chair or table, they’ll mark the skin and continue with the procedure. The specialist will either inject a drug in the area if it’s injection lipolysis or use a tool. You’ll likely need several treatment sessions to see results.

For example, you may be wondering how many CoolSculpting treatments are needed for the belly. If it’s a small pocket of fat then one single treatment session should be enough to destroy the fat cells in the area. If it’s a larger area, you may need two or more treatments.

What Are the Benefits of Body Contouring?

It may seem too good to be true but many people who have had body contouring report a more defined, well-shaped body. You’ll also have a younger, thinner appearance and smoother skin. 

Surgical treatments have immediate and noticeable results. Nonsurgical options take a few weeks or months to see a difference, but there is a difference nonetheless. 

Who Are the Right Candidates?

Body contouring is not for everybody. Only ideal candidates can expect the best results.  

For nonsurgical treatments, you aren’t the right candidate if you have a significant amount of fat. It’s not meant to treat obesity. 

You’ll need to be relatively healthy but struggling with stubborn fat resistant to diet or exercise. Luckily, experts at the clinic you book an appointment with will determine if body contouring treatments are right for you. 

What Is the Recovery Time?

As you might expect, recovery from surgical treatments can take weeks to months. It all depends on how large the incisions are and how much work is done. 

Nonsurgical options have a shorter recovery time. You’re likely able to go back to your everyday activities right after treatment. 

How to Lose Excess Belly Fat With Body Contouring

Body contouring isn’t a quick fix to losing a significant amount of weight. Consistently exercising and following a healthy diet plan continues to be the best way to get to your goal weight. With that said, there’s stubborn fat in areas of your body that stay even if you follow a pristine diet and exercise plan.

Learn how to lose excess belly fat with body contouring treatments so you can get the body you’ve always wanted. 

Ready to transform your life and give body contouring a try? Figura Med Spa has got you covered! Be sure to check out our services and schedule an appointment today.

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