CoolSculpting vs Emsculpt: What’s the Difference and Which Is Right for You?


More people decide to get non-invasive surgical procedures each year. Patients spent $3 billion in 2020 to improve the appearance and shape of their bodies. There are so many non-invasive body contouring options to choose from and it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. 

The two leading body contouring procedures are Emsculpt and CoolSculpting. But how do you know which is best for your body type and goals — CoolSculpting vs Emsculpt? What is the difference between Coolsculpting and Emsculpt?

This guide will discuss the pros and cons of each treatment and whether CoolSculpting or Emscult is the best for you. 

What’s CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved fat reduction treatment. It uses controlled cooling to freeze stubborn fat cells that are resistant to exercise and diet. It targets the fat cells located below the surface of your skin in a process called Cryolipolysis. 

CoolSculpting isn’t a way to lose weight or dramatically decrease your body fat. It’s ideal for those who are struggling to get the physique they want through diet and exercise. 

CoolSculpting is commonly used in the following areas:

  • Thighs
  • Under jawline and chin
  • Belly
  • Sides and back
  • Bra line
  • Underneath the butt
  • Upper arm 

The results from CoolSculpting should last the average patient a long time. The procedure metabolizes the fat cells and your body excretes them through the form of waste. Those fat cells can never grow back or re-expand. 

Pros and Cons of CoolSculpting

There are a variety of reasons why a person might want to choose CoolSculpting over another cosmetic treatment procedure. Let’s discuss some of the benefits. 


One of the best things about CoolSculpting is you can schedule an appointment during your lunch break. You can head to a nearby medspa for your appointment instead of having to go to the hospital. 

Compared to invasive options, pain is minimal with CoolSculpting. One of the few sensations you might encounter is a sucking sensation. You will also feel cold in the area that’s being worked on for the first couple of minutes. 

There’s also minimal downtime with CoolSculpting. Most people resume normal activities immediately following your appointment. You don’t have to worry about someone picking you up after and helping you with aftercare. 

Your results with CoolSculpting are also very impressive. You can see results after a few treatments. They’ll also last you a long time if you maintain an exercise and healthy diet routine. 


CoolSculpting isn’t designed for those looking to lose weight. There are other procedures, like liposuction, that are better suited for that type of dramatic weight loss. 

There are also some bothersome side effects you might encounter with CoolSculpting:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Reduced sensation in the areas that were targeted

Any side effects you experience are temporary. You should expect them to fade within a few days. 

What’s Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is an FDA-cleared device that uses energy to build muscle mass. It contracts your muscles beyond what you can do yourself, enhancing fat reduction and building muscle tone. 

Electromagnetic energy is transmitted to the target area, forcing your muscles to contract and holding the contraction to up to six seconds. One Emsculpt session is the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches or squats, depending upon the area that’s being targeted. 

The average session is around 30 minutes in length. Most Emsculpt treatment plans include four sessions that are spaced two to three days apart. You can complete an Emsculpt treatment plan in as little as two weeks. 

Pros and Cons of Emsculpt

If you’re seeking to toning and strengthen your muscles, Emsculpt might be the best treatment for you. Let’s go over the pros and cons of the procedure. 


Emsculpt is relatively comfortable and non-invasive. You won’t experience any downtime with this treatment. You can head back to the gym just a few days after your procedure. 

Treatment sessions are also short, just around 30 minutes. You can easily squeeze in an Emsculpt session during your lunch break. 

Emsculpt tones and builds your muscles. You’ll end up stronger while toning your body. 

Emsculpt can also help reduce diastasis recti. This phenomenon can happy after pregnancy. It’s when the abdominal muscles separate.  


It’s not a good option if you’re wanting to lose fat. Emsculpt is good for individuals who are at their goal weight and have a small amount of fat on their bodies. 

Emsculpt also takes multiple treatments to achieve your desired results. You might not notice results right away, but you will in just a few weeks. 

This procedure doesn’t replace eating healthily or exercising. Just because you have a few Emsculpt sessions doesn’t mean you can skip going to the gym. 

CoolSculpting vs Emsculpt — Which Is Best for Me?

Your current body type and goals will help determine whether Emsculpt or CoolSculpting is the right choice for you. Each treatment excels in various areas.

CoolSculpting is a great option for those wanting to focus on fat removal. It can also target a variety of areas, such as fat pockets under your chin. 

For those wanting to achieve more muscle definition and tone their bodies even further, Emsculpt is a wonderful option. Emsculpt focuses on the following areas of the body:

  • Arms
  • Abs
  • Buttocks
  • Legs

Partner With an Experienced Medspa in Austin

Knowing whether Emsculpt vs CoolSculpting is best for you depends upon your body type and goals. A qualified medspa in Austin will work with you to determine how to accomplish your goals. 

Their professionals will speak to you about your goals and help you choose the right option for you. 

If you have more questions for Emsculpt verses CoolSculpting in Austin, contact Figura Medspa

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