Debunking the Most Common CoolSculpting Myths That Exist Today

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Do you have those stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away no matter what? Coolsculpting is the best way to rid yourself of genetically programmed fat deposits.

You get to enjoy a toned body without doing so much work, but beware of the CoolSculpting myths that could derail your motivation.

The non-invasive fat reduction market in the US will reach $1.6 billion in 2027. The increasing demand for CoolSculpting is due to people seeking to eliminate fat without surgery.

Knowing the truth about CoolSculpting can improve your experience. Unfortunately, most first-timers have a hard time differentiating fact from fiction. It’s thus invaluable to debunk the myths beforehand to avoid confusion in the beauty industry.

Wondering how to distinguish fact from fiction in cosmetic body contouring? We’ve debunked some of the common CoolSculpting myths that exist today in this article.

Myth 1: Coolsculpting Is for Everyone

Of course, everyone wants the best-looking body, but CoolSculpting isn’t for everyone. Contrary to popular belief, some people can’t get CoolSculpting.

Coolsculpting isn’t ideal for people with medical conditions, including:

  • Lymphatic conditions
  • Eating disorders
  • Paroxysmal Cold Hemoglobinuria

Such conditions aren’t common in most of the population. Therefore, most people can get CoolSculpting, but it isn’t for everyone. Consult the experts first to ensure you can get CoolSculpting without developing complications.

Myth 2: The Procedure Is Painful

Some people fear the CoolSculpting procedure due to the assumption that it’s painful. The truth is, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment process, meaning it’s virtually painless.

Compared to other types of body contouring, CoolSculpting requires no anesthesia and has no downtime. The fat loss treatment procedure needs no incision to function. You end up with natural-looking results after completion of the treatment process.

However, patients might feel slight discomfort in the first few minutes due to the cold and numbness. Also, others experience firmness or minor swelling after treatment, but it subsides.

The CoolSculpting procedure is painless, so patients often sleep or read during the sessions.

Myth 3: You Won’t Gain Weight After Treatment

As much as Coolsculpting kills off fat cells, the longevity of your treatment results depends on you. How do you treat your body? How healthy is your diet?

You can gain weight after the CoolSculpting procedure if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your body can always prepare extra fat cells to replace the dead ones. It would be best to watch what you eat and your exercise regime for the best results.

Myth 4: Coolsculpting Is Only for the Stomach

Do you want that stubborn belly fat gone? If so, Coolsculpting is a surefire way to eliminate those stubborn pockets of fat on your tummy. However, it’s also used on many more areas – not just the stomach.

Some of the areas that the CoolSculpting procedure treats include:

  • Thighs – both inner and outer
  • Back – both upper and lower
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Flanks
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Chin

The FDA has approved Coolsculpting use to treat all these areas. Consult with your CoolSculpting provider in Austin to know what procedure will work for the area you wish to treat.

Myth 5: You Shed Huge Amounts of Weight at Once

The most popular myth is that CoolSculpting helps you lose weight drastically. Don’t think you can use it to fit your dress in a week – you can’t shed weight by the pounds.

In truth, the procedure is slow in the fat reduction approach and targets specific areas over time. Additionally, Coolsculpting is used to treat fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise.

One CoolSculpting session helps you reduce fat by about 20-25% in a single area. Generally, that amounts to about one or two pounds at most. The effect is a more toned and contoured body.

You might experience a slight difference in the waist measurement, but don’t count on it to help you shed weight by the pounds.

Myth 6: It Improves Sagging by Tightening Your Skin

Most people think that fat reduction through CoolSculpting equals tightening of saggy skin. As a result, they’re delighted with the immediate after-effect when they experience skin firmness – but such joy is short-lived.

Coolsculpting targets the fat cells underneath the skin – in essence, it doesn’t affect the top layer. You can’t thus count on it to tighten your skin.

Fortunately, the skin has good elasticity and will naturally shrink with fat loss. As you enjoy your new body shape, chances are, your skin laxity will also improve. However, there are no guarantees, so consult with the best body contouring expert near you for advice.

Myth 7: Coolsculpting Is a Weight Loss Alternative

Most people don’t know the difference between fat reduction and weight loss. As a result, they assume CoolSculpting is a weight loss procedure, which isn’t the case.

Your fat cells shrink in size due to calorie deficiency through diet and exercise for weight loss programs. The number of cells remains the same, but they have lesser fat content.

Coolsculpting kills some fat cells in the stubborn pockets of the body. The dead cells are ejected, leaving only a few fat cells, which cause fat reduction.

Each method has specific results that make it different from the other. You thus can’t use CoolSculpting as a weight loss alternative – you won’t get the results you desire.

Note: Coolsculpting can promote permanent fat loss due to the elimination of cells. However, it depends on your actions towards not gaining weight following the treatment.

You Now Know the Facts About the Common Coolsculpting Myths That Exist Today

Your stubborn fat pockets don’t always have to be a bother. Consider CoolSculpting as the ideal non-surgical fat reduction treatment for a better-toned body. The above article debunks the most common CoolSculpting myths to help differentiate fact from fiction.

If you’re ready to eliminate those fat pockets that are resistant to diet and exercise, Figura Medspa is here to help!

We focus on total patient satisfaction within the procedures to get you the results you want. Nobody knows Coolsculpting better than our team at Figura.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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