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We are so confident in CoolSculpting that we will back it with a guarantee!

The Guarantee

A Complete Treatment

One of the first questions we are asked is if CoolSculpting works. In this industry, there are so many products that claim of removing fat, so we understand people are naturally skeptical.
CoolSculpting is different. It has been the #1 noninvasive fat reduction treatment for over seven years. We are confident that this technology will reduce targeted areas of fat that we are willing to back it up with a guarantee.
If you do not see results after four months from the completion of the suggested treatment plan; and have not gained more than three pounds, we will treating you again at no additional cost.*
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*If you have completed your suggested treatment plan of 16 or more cycles, with at least 2 treatments per area, you are covered by our Figura Promise. After four months, and no more than eight months, from your last treatment, if you are your original weight, and we are not seeing a visible reduction in the fat layer based on before and after photos and measurements, we set up an additional appointment one month later. At month five we bring you back, take more photos, and if you are still your original weight, and still have not seen a change, we will retreat you for one additional round of treatment on the specific body areas for free. We wait five months before doing a free treatment because, although not common, some people take longer to flush out the fat cells.

Figura Promise is not covered for unqualified candidates, partial treatment plans, or any rare side effects that would deem additional treatments as inadvisable such as paradoxical hyperplasia. Figura Promise is void if you have gained three or more pounds from your original weight at start of treatment.

What people are saying

I recently had a Coolsculpting treatment at Figura and I am so pleased with the experience and the results! Full results will take a couple of months, but I can tell that the area we treated really benefited and within the last month I already feel like I see fat reduction.
Emily N.
via Yelp
How could anyone go anywhere else but here? I've seen so much progress! I'm a pretty fit person but I have stubborn areas that I have not been able to get rid of. Within a week of getting my flanks done, I've noticed I have nothing to grab anymore!
Lindsey T.
via Google
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